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The property market in Malta is relatively cheap compared to other European countries and rival locations, allowing people to find what they are looking for at a reasonable price. The property prices have been continuously rising and buying property in Malta is considered by many international and local investors as a very attractive investment opportunity. As the result of limited supply of property and the rapid growth in the financial services sector as well as the gaming industry, the Maltese property is set to continue enjoying a strong growth in this sector.

Furthermore, thanks to the influx of foreign nationals and expats taking up employment or setting up business in Malta, over the last decade the county has seen a surge of interest in rental properties, including but not limited to commercial properties. This is thus offering the investors an opportunity to experience not only capital growth but a steady return on their investments.

Our specialist property team is made up of tax and property lawyers, accountants and consultants who can assist our clients with both the acquisition and maintenance of their real estate in Malta. We are independents of any real estate agents in Malta and our priority is always to protect clients’ interest and to ensure that the property is in line with client’s expectations.

Our Services

  • Assistance with identifying the right property that suits the clients’ requirements;
  • Drafting, review and negotiation of preliminary agreements and deeds of sale/purchase of property in Malta;
  • Providing consultation on the real value of the property and the expected return in the foreseeable future;
  • Project managing the construction and/or renovation of the property;
  • Liaising, on your behalf, with notaries, banks and other involved parties;
  • Assisting you with renting the property and with the ongoing maintenance of the said property.


real estate

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