Malta’s strategy and regulatory framework for Distributed Ledger Technology such as cryptocurrency businesses and virtual assets is creating new business opportunities in a fast-evolving digital environment for fintech companies and blockchain entrepreneurs. This has been achieved by being the first country in the world to clearly establish and develop its regulatory framework to cater for Distributed Ledger Technology, Initial Coin Offerings and Virtual Currencies, and in the process unequivocally earning the title of “Blockchain Island”.

The regulatory framework is based on clear regulations which provides regulatory certainty and consumer protection in an environment which is unregulated in many other countries. This gives a level of protection and assurance to promoters wishing to launch Initial Coin Offerings or provide Virtual Financial Asset Services in Malta and from within Malta, as well as for investors and customers alike.

AlleyBe Fintech Malta Limited is part of a Financial Services Group based in Malta which assists international clients with legal, tax, accounting and fintech related services. Licensed to act as a VFA Agent, AlleyBe is in a position to assist Fintech players wishing to provide Virtual Financial Assets services or to launch an Initial Coin Offering in or from within Malta to comply with the applicable legislation in Malta.


Our Services

  • VFA Agency Services
  • Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Services
  • Setting up of local presence (office space and personnel)
  • Provision of Tax, VAT, Accounting and Domiciliation Services
  • Assistance with Endorsement of the Application for VFA Licence
  • Compilation and submission of MFSA Application process
  • Completion of the Financial Instrument Test

Practice Areas